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Business Consulting & Book Publishing

Abundant Life Publications is dedicated to equipping you to expand your brand!

Strategy Session

Abundant Life Publications provides first-class business consulting and first-class, full-service publishing strategy sessions that equip you to develop clarity and a typed plan of action.

$250 per session



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Abundant Life Publications provides editing services to assist you with providing excellent content.

 The company has provided editing services for the following:

  • Books
  • Journals
  • Magazines
  • Social media pages
  • Television program treatments
  • Text marketing  
  • Websites


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Topics Include:

How to Identify your why

How to identify your customers

Business structure options

How to select a business name

Location options

Business email options

How to register a company federally

How to register a company at the state level

How to apply for business licenses and permits

How to open business bank accounts

How to build a success team to support your dream

Strategies to build a debt free business

40 Opportunities to secure business capital to fund your dream

31 Ways to Establish a Strong Corporate Identity

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An opportunity to expand your brand through the

Abundant Life Publications website.  

An annual service agreement is required to begin the service.


Marriage Truths Consulting


Roosevelt and Tavetta Patterson

Marriage Truths Consulting includes:

• A Marriage Planner

• An introduction call (up to 30 minutes)

• Four sessions or two sessions that are one hour each 

• Sessions are provided virtually for the remainder of 2021

Marriage Planner includes:

• Marriage Truths Book

• Marriage Truths Calendar to schedule Marriage Refreshers together

• Marriage Truths Communication Collaboration Tool

• Marriage Truths Reflection Tools

• Marriage Truths New Agreement Tool

Call or text to schedule an introduction appointment.

Marriage Truths:  A Conversation with Altovise Ferguson

Business Motto: 

 “From the conception of your idea to the manifestation of your idea, our business is growing your business.”


YOU can reach the world with your expertise, message, products and services through 

You Tube!


YOU can share your expertise, message, products and services through Zoom 

from the comfort of your home!


Success Courses

We love to share what we have learned on our journey!

Share your book with groups of people who need the solutions that 

your book provides! 


Share your book with groups of college students and college administrators who need the solutions that

your book provides!