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Roosevelt D. Patterson

Vice President, Abundant Life Publications

Roosevelt D. Patterson educates, empowers, leads and ensures purpose is fulfilled on a daily basis.  He is the Author of a phenomenal book entitled, “Life Worth Living in Faith.”  It is a faith playbook that was written to help you win in life. He provides an in-depth look at his faith journey through several challenging phases of life, including the passing of his mother. He shares the practical daily decisions he makes to continue to remain solid and live by faith, no matter the circumstance. The book was written to teach faith as a lifestyle. When faith is your lifestyle victory is your guarantee!

Life Worth Living in Faith will help you:

  • Choose to live a lifestyle of faith
  • Experience victory over every obstacle
  • Grow in faith during every battle you face in life
  • Maintain your faith through every challenge in life
  • Remain solid no matter what you face in life

Interview December 28, 2021

Roosevelt D. Patterson

Award-winning Baker

Founder, Shirley Jean Sweet Potato Pies

Shirley Jean Sweet Potato Pies is a name created to honor his mother.  Roosevelt was inspired to learn the art of baking by watching his mother bake with love during each special occasion in life. 

 The motto for Shirley Jean Sweet Potato Pies is, 

“Tasting is Believing.”